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It’s a boy

November 22, 2006 10:53 am

We had our 20 week sonomographone this morning to check on the baby’s development and determine the sex.
Although I have to admid I can’t figure out what most of the parts are on the photos, the doctor quickly said it was a boy. The sonogram technician said she could tell early on, but didn’t tell us until she could get a good shot. She had to punch and prod the baby for several minutes to attempt to get him to move in a better position.

No, you can’t tell from this photo. See the others.

full body view - feet up by eyes.

More pictures are here

I’ll convert the video to digital sometime later in the weekend.

We’re off to Cedar Creek Res. and Marc and Susan’s ranch for Turkey day and Carolyn’s 80th birthday this morning. I baked some mighty fine looking pies last night. Even bought ourselves a turkey to cook later in the weekend so we can have all our own leftovers. I’m itching to make turkey gumbo.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.


Gone fishing

November 13, 2006 1:06 pm

We went fishing for the first time with Mom and Ray.  Ray’s spot is where the Colorado River meets the Intercoastal Waterway (ICW).  We left Friday evening, towing the camper with Ray’s truck.  Just leaving Bastrop, we encountered a pretty good hailstorm.  A cold front pushed through with a thin line of thunderstorms.  Since we were traveling in the same direction, we got quite a bit of rain, wind and hail.  Stopped in El Campo at a hole-in-the-wall Oriental-owned seafood place.  Ray impressed the owners by ordering and eating two soft shell crabs followed by two full orders of snow crab.  The food was very good.

It’s only about 2.5 hours from Bastrop to the spot.  We were able to get set up just before the rain hit again.  Some guys were already there pulling a lot of fish out.  We tried for a few minutes but were told we were not allowed to have the light pointed down teh ICW as we had it.  Started to rain so we went in for the night.  5:30 came early and started the day.  Got some bait and breakfast and started fishing before the sun came up.  The fish hit all day long.  If you didn’t catch a fish, you had to replace the bait that was taken.

We caught quite a few Vermillion Snapper, Sheepshead, Croaker and a Whiting on the live shrimp.  With the croaker, we caught a few trout.  In fact Ray caught two trout on the same cast.  He had three hooks on one croaker, so he had room for another trout.

Pictures are here

Caught fish all day.  We didn’t get any flounder or redfish, but saw a few caught by others.  One gal caught a huge 36″ bull red.  Had a great time.

Sunday, I went out to the boat with JT and Robin.  We did a little more work on the boat and was able to actually do a few minutes of sailing.  The new sail works great.  Everything on the boat is just about back in shape after a lot of work.  We’ve added a new VHF and antenna at the top of the mast, re-built the chainplates that keep the mast shrouds attached to the boat, painted the mast, replaced the masthead light and added two deck lights.  All that for the new mainsail we purchased.All in all about an hour’s worth of sailing and didn’t run aground once.  (The lake level is very low.)