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Updated the photo gallery

March 16, 2007 1:16 pm

I have been adding a lot of photos since December, including some of the baby nursery, new year’s trip, Christmas, baby shower. You’re probably not interested in centrifugal separators and cooling towers.

How this for stylish?


Last weekend we hauled some of the culvert pipe and this weekend I plan on getting the last ten’ section of 24″ corrugated steel pipe and set it into place. I’m going to cement the ends so they are more stable. A number of the culverts around the neighborhood, we’ve noticed are crushed at the ends due to vehicles, I’m sure. Interesting most people have 16″ pipe, although the county told me the requirements for the entire area calls for 24″.

We also planted a couple of fruit trees at the land a few weekends ago in honor of the baby. One peach and one pear tree, flanking what will be the driveway.


Much needed update

March 14, 2007 12:57 pm

Not that I have much time to update anything, but a comment from JT made me realize nothing’s been updated since December.

We had a wonderful Christmas from what I can remember.

New Years we spent in Port Bolivar with half a dozen friends, renting a beach house. The weather was a little crummy for a while and the fishing- terrible. At least we know where not to fish in Bolivar. As we left, waiting for the ferry, the ferry traffic guard (or whatever that title might be) gave me some good tips on local fishing.

Someone won the Superbowl.

February brought preparations for Lisa’s baby shower and the baby’s room. There are photos now of the nursery in the photo gallery under “Baby Dreher”


Yes, I believe we have a name for the little boy, but it’s a secret. Popular names for those who need a name are Baby Herman, Henry, Helmut and whatever Lisa’s Grandmother’s current favorites are. Suffice to say, the first two letters of his name are very unlikely to be “He”

We made it successfully through baby training/birthing class/La Maz/whatever-you-want-to-call-it. And this is Lisa’s last week before taking her maternity leave.


Starting about Thursday next week, I imagine she’ll be ready to have the baby, giving her just a few days to do everything on a long to-do list.

Working on the Branding Iron driveway is also on my list. We took possession of most of the culvert drainage pipe last weekend, with this weekend finishing it up.

That’s all for now. I’ve got a lot of photos to upload from the past several months.

Maybe Lisa will start updating herself after this week.