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The labor/birth story…

April 25, 2007 10:54 am

All it took was a scheduled induction to encourage little Miles to come into the world. I went into labor all on my own EARLY Friday morning around 2am. Eric and I went ahead to the hospital at 6am for our induction. We waited for the doctor to arrive to see if my labor was strong and regular enough to proceed without intervention to speed things up. Unfortunately it wasn’t so they broke my water and started Pitocin. After my water was broken the contractions got VERY strong. Yes – they are PAINFUL and I don’t think my plan of having a baby without painkillers would have ever happened because I was not a happy camper. I labored for about an hour without the epidural and then Dr. Cox arrived just in time with the epidural. Nurse Linda held my shoulders and kept me from moving while he inserted the needles. All in all getting the epidural wasn’t too bad. It kicked in full force in about 10 minutes and the contraction pain was gone. The doctors inserted a catheter, internal contraction monitor, and later an internal fetal monitor. Thankfully with the epidural I couldn’t feel a thing. I napped on and off for the rest of the day while mom and Ray, Eric, Dad, and Linda kept me company throughout the day. My only complaint about the labor experience was being unable to eat or drink. Ice chips were my only form of nourishment. My nurses in the labor and delivery wing (Linda and Janice) were angels. I can’t even begin to describe how wonderful and personable they were. I never expected the nurses to take such a genuine interest in our family. Anyway – around 6:30 Janice spoke with my doctor and informed her that I hadn’t progressed past 7-8 cm and +1 station in 2-3 hours. They decided to go ahead with the c-section. After they made the call my hospital room was crawling with people. Have to admit it was a little scary but at that point I was tired, thirsty and very hungry and wanted the baby to be born so I could eat and drink (and see the baby – of course) :). They made me drink this nasty medicine to neutralize the acid in my stomach. I promptly threw it up all down the front of myself. Yucky. The nurses seemed happy that I no longer had anything in my stomach. The anesthesiologist increased my epidural medication and I went completely numb and couldn’t move. I think at this point I started to shake REALLY badly. Eric was given scrubs to put over his clothes, I said goodbye to the grandmothers and they rolled me into the operating room. The next hour was a blur. They rolled me onto the operating table and started preparations. I closed my eyes and tried to relax but at this point I was REALLY nervous and wasn’t feeling too good. After what seemed like an eternity (probably only 10 minutes), Eric came into the room. The doctors had the sheet up so I couldn’t see anything. The epidural made me shake so badly that I asked for one of my arms to be tied to the table because it kept jumping off.

I couldn’t feel a thing as they started the c-section. I think I fell asleep or dozed off. Sometimes I felt like I forgot to breathe. The doctors started pushing on the top of my stomach to push him out through the nice hole they created. They told me I would feel a lot of pressure but I only felt gentle nudges. I don’t remember much except for Miles’ first cries. They were really soft wimpers. Very cute. The brought him over to the warming table and cleaned him up. It was hard for me to see him. Eric got up and went over to watch and take pictures. He was all smiles. 🙂 After what seemed like an eternity (and trying to turn my head at an odd angle to watch what was going on) they brought Miles over to me to see. I got to kiss him a few times, shed a few tears, and off him and dad went to the nursery. At this point I was happy it was all over with and closed my eyes to rest while they closed me up. The shaking was still unbearable.

Mom meets Miles

They rolled me into the recovery room – which I had all to myself for quite some time. Family filtered in and out to keep me company. Unfortunately Miles was a little cold for them to bring to me to hold and try and feed so he had to stay in the nursery. At this point I was not happy to find out that I still couldn’t eat or drink anything b/c of the c-section and epidural. If I remember correctly I would just end up throwing things up again. I think someone fed me ice chips. It was nice to have family keep me company but I was too out of it to talk much. I was in recovery for about an hour when they came to get me to bring me to my room. It was probably around 9pm.

Eric and I were pleasantly surprised to have a room that was a decent size with lots of windows. Eric was in the room when I got there and boy was I happy to see him. After having to drag myself onto my bed with partially numb legs and a painful incision, I was finally somewhat comfortable except for the subsiding shaking and itching from the drugs they gave me. The nurse wheeled Miles in a few minutes later and Eric got to hold him while a very nice (but incredibly annoying nurse) proceeded to describe in great detail what I would expect and what I would have to do the entire stay in the hospital. She tried to tell me all about my pain killer options, how to clean my wound, how to shower, how to go to the bathroom, etc., etc. I finally looked at her and said “I am not going to remember a word of what you are saying. I want to hold my baby.” She then went on to talk for what seemed like another 10 minutes after apologizing for talking too much. I think I asked to hold my baby again and this time was not as nice as I was before. Finally she left and I got to hold Miles. I wish I could remember the feeling of holding him the first time. I was soooo tired but I know it was awesome.

Eric, Mom and I proceeded to try and get Miles to nurse for the next hour. I never thought it would take that many hands to get a baby to latch on!!! I think we managed to get one or two good sucks when mom finally tore herself away to go home (it was 11:30 at this point). After that – I guess we fell asleep! My memory of the rest of the evening is gone. I’m sure it consisted of sleep, me whining for something to drink and getting small bits of juice and water, and attempting to nurse.

The next morning I was VERY happy to have a tray full of food placed in front of me. After the nurse told me it wasn’t the best idea to eat a lot because I was still in danger of upsetting my stomach, I slowly scarfed it all down. The best breakfast I’ve ever had.

The next few days were a whirlwind of friends and family visiting, attempting to pass gas, taking great drugs, walking around the room and hallways, and learning to nurse. Eric was a HUGE help and was quick to jump (except at night when he had his ear plugs in) when I needed him 🙂 We kept Miles in the room with us 100% of the time until Eric and I broke down in the last 2 nights and had him shipped off to the nursery to sleep. Boy, did we need it!! The nurses would bring him in to eat whenever he was hungry. Speaking of nurses – I have to mention them here so I don’t forget them!! Debby was one of my nighttime nurses. She was awesome, always chatting with me, and admiring our new baby. One night she even went into the nursery to hold and snuggle with him while I was sleeping! Bethany – was one of Miles’ nurses who was also great. Andrea was my daytime nurse and was also wonderful. Janice – my labor and delivery nurse even stopped by the room one day to check on us! Eric and I ran into Linda in the hallways during one of our walks. She gave me a HUGE hug and admired our little guy. Dr. Mingea – my doctor did a great job with the surgery – as I am healing nicely. You can still see the faint outline of the flower and Miles’ name she drew on my stomach about my new scar.

While the labor and delivery experience wasn’t what I had initially wanted or expected, it still turned out to be a good one. Miles is healthy and I feel better every day from the c-section. The sleepless nights are hard but every morning they are worth it when I get to hold and snuggle with our little guy. I have been peed and puked on more times than I care to count but Eric is always there to keep me positive and give me words of encouragement. The projectile poops are even a little funny…a few days later. Time to wake the new “head of the household” and get him to relieve the massive swelling in my breasts!! (Yes – they are HUGE).

Thanks again to all of our friends and family for the gifts, well wishes, and support. We love you!


Can I get any larger??

April 3, 2007 8:40 am

I admit – I figured we’d have a little bundle of Dreher-joy by now but alas he is enjoying his time in my tummy too much. At least I finally got a great report from the doctor yesterday – 3 cm dilated!! I also requested the dr. to “strip the membranes” which, in a nutshell, means to separate the amniotic sack from the cervix. Not a fun thing to go through but it’s supposed to help bring on labor. I had some pains last night but they went away in enough time for me to get a GREAT night’s sleep (not counting the 3 bathroom breaks). 🙂 Eric and I are both pretty anxious to get the show on the road. I figure that Baby Dreher has to be born sometime this week because of the inconvenience factor. Both of the grandfathers are out of town, Eric is busy at work, our animals are all on some sort of mediciation for ailments, Michael leaves for Germany for the next 2 months on Saturday, and our oven broke a few days ago. What more could you ask for??!!

Lisa & Travis

Maybe a little premature

April 2, 2007 11:29 am
Yea, according to this the drought isn’t *over* in Texas, but it’s almost not touching Travis County any longer. And Bastrop’s free and clear now.
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Today’s forecast

8:39 am
There’s not much special about today’s forecast, but this little item on the Weather Underground website has made me think more than once. Wanting to try out this Firefox add-on I have called Clip-Notes I think, this gave me a chance to “clip” something from a website and post it to the blog. Back to what I clipped: I’ve had a long theory in which I have argued (no one really argues with me about it though) that I could blindly forecast the weather by simply saying “Today will be the same as yesterday.” Or it could be a future forecast, “Tomorrow will be the same as today.” I’m certain that I could be more accurate in my such weather forecast than any other weather guesser. I need to pay attention more and see if this Weather Underground snip under the forecast ever says something like “Today’s temperature will be radically higher than yesterday.” Of maybe they are just gathering data with a theory unlike my own…
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Today is forecast to be nearly the same temperature as yesterday.
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For two years they’ve been saying our drought is going to be one of the worst ever. Well it was pretty bad, but I was always confident that the lake will come back and the drought will be over before most people even realize it. In fact, the news programs will be so excited about the tragedies and danger of some rain, they’ll skip right over it. By golly I see an article in the paper about a very quiet declaration of the end of the drought. The lake’s back up to 666′ or so, about a 20′ rise in the past several weeks. We hit a low of 643′ back in December which didn’t even reach the recent low point in 2000. Close, but no cigar. January hit us with a good spell of rain, and now again in March. We’re currently at double the average amount of rainfall for the year.
But I digress. The clip notes thing seems to work well, I’ll have to teach Lisa how to do it. She’s doing well, but darned ready for the baby to make his arrival. We were certain as blind predictions go that yesterday would be the day. April 1st (never mind that day, it’s both my sister’s and step-brother’s birthday), opening night of baseball with my favorite Cardinal’s on tv. I even started several projects in the yard and smoked some ribs on the smoker. Not enough to temp fate or call on Murphy’s Law.
It was enough, if you believe, to make the oven kick the bucket. Well it seems only the igniter or possibly some whatever feeds the gas to the igniter. Right as Lisa was going to make a nice looking blueberry coffee cake to go with the ribs. The stove-top works, but no oven ignition. I’m certain I could fix it – it’s either one $75 piece, or two. But then again, we could just buy a new oven. It’s ten years old, I’ve wanted a new oven, and I’m certain that any oven I could possibly buy is probably a higher quality than the builder provided me with the house.

So, to temp fate again, we’ll be off to buy and install a new oven. I can see myself calling JT and see if he can’t finish installing the oven while we’re at the hospital. It won’t happen, but it’d be a good story. I’m gonna have to find some good story for when the event happens. Some sort of major interruption. Maybe that’s why I haven’t finished the little table for next to her nursery rocker. It’s a nice little table I made, but needs a little finishing touches for final assembly and a finish. It’s close enough that it could be used and I could finish it in the little doses of spare time I’ll have. I’m told by everybody that I’ll have none. The neighbor told me yesterday that this is the first time he’s actually been able to do anything of a substantial time length. His twin girls have just turned four. Before them, he already had a toddler.

So that reminds me, our friends Andy and Stephanie had their little girl, Meredith, on Friday evening about 8 PM. That’s our two friends both due on the same or almost the same day as Lisa (April 11th). Only Lisa remains pregnant. She has yet another doctor visit this morning – maybe there’s some progress. I hope so for Lisa’s sake.
Who knows what today will bring.