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Ok…this is starting to get MUCH better…

May 29, 2007 1:12 pm


I have to admit the first few weeks of Miles’ life had me a wee-bit terrified but things are so much better! Miles is a little over 6 weeks old now and we almost see a change in him daily. This morning I went to get him out of his crib and he smiled at his first sight of me. I’m still thrilled 🙂 He smiles several times each day (especially during his diaper change in the morning). We finally have his routine down (eat, awake/ play time, nap time) so he is SO much more predictable. I think our only complaint still is the LOUD crying at night when Eric tries to put him to bed…but, even that seems to be getting better. He is still eating every 2.5-4 hours a night but I think I’m getting used to the lack of sleep now. Tomorrow night Gramma Linda is going to watch Miles so Eric and I can have a date night. Then in June we are going on a cave tour with some friends to Longhorn Caverns. Nana (Gramma Deb) will watch him all day for us. I officially resigned my position with NALS Mgmt to be a full-time stay at home mom. Adjusting to life out of the “fast-lane” has been slow but each week it gets a little easier. I’m trying to stay focused on what’s really important…making yummy dinners for Eric and keeping my baby boy and puppy dogs happy 😉

Eric has been working on designing a shed for our land. Mom and Ray gave us a generator so hopefully we’ll be able to install a small window unit to keep Miles comfortable in the summertime while Eric and I clear trees. Eric spent most of the day yesterday burning tree limbs. He was happy to get something accomplished and finally reduce the size of his burn pile.

Week five in the books

May 18, 2007 10:54 am

Still healthy!  No real problems.  I weighed Miles in at 9.6 lbs yesterday (with clothes and probably a full diaper).  Someone told Lisa that at about 15 lbs babies start to sleep through the night.  So we’re encouraging the boy to eat.  Miles seems to really be enjoying his bath time.  He’s making some more noises and giving some smiles.  A little less random than expected with gas, so we believe he’s actually smiling.  We don’t want to hear it if you believe otherwise.

Lisa’s doing well, but sort of overextending herself.  She needs to take some more naps while Miles does.  To those she hasn’t been able to return phone calls, she apologizes, but there’s a lot to keep up with at this juncture.

As for me, I’m still getting a lot of “So how’s it feel to be a dad?”  Well that’s hard to say.  If you’re a father then you know it’s not describable.  You don’t know how you’ll feel before it happens and there’s no use in trying to describe it.   I’m enjoying the fun/happy times.  I don’t particularly care when he screams in my ear or Lisa gets overly tired.  But overall things could be much worse.  I think its all much closer to perfect than bad.  If that makes any sense.

Four weeks old today

May 11, 2007 2:04 pm

Miles was born four weeks ago tonight. He and the entire family have been doing great. I believe I’ve somewhat accurately weighed Miles in at 9 lbs. As of this morning Lisa says he’s been eating like crazy.

He’s able to eat from a bottle once a day and hasn’t given me any problems doing so.

5.1.07 1st bottle



Last weekend he made his first crawfish boil at Jeff’s place. The weather cooperated. Not *too* anything. There are several good photos that Kim took in the photo gallery.



This week Cameron and Matt came in town to visit. They took Miles and the pups on a couple walks and made a yummy dinner on Wednesday.

"Aunt" Cameron & "Uncle" Matt


As well, Miles has been having fun in the bathtub.



This Saturday and Sunday we’re off to Bastrop for Mothers’ Day weekend.

Miles Update

May 2, 2007 1:01 pm

Miles and I are into day 3 of our first week at home together ALONE without daddy.  Reality hit me like a ton of bricks on Tuesday to find out that being a mom is a lot harder than I ever could have imagined (and Miles is a GOOD baby!).  I think what got to me was his need to be constantly in motion when awake.  Add to that him wanting me to constantly switch positions to ‘entertain’ him and I was drained.  I couldn’t put him down and couldn’t get anything done around the house.  The advice to “sleep while they sleep” is sooooooo true but hard for me to follow.  Eric made me take 2 naps yesterday (and came home early to give me a break).  Miles has been really good about sleeping at night.  I usually feed him around 10ish, 2ish and 5ish in the evenings.  Eric has been a wonderful daddy and gives Miles his bath at night (which Miles loves) and gives mom a MUCH needed break.  We are trying to put him to bed around 7-8ish so eric and I have a few hours to ourselves.

Eric and I are using the Baby Whisperer methods on him. It’s a book that promotes structure and routines but not a STRICT schedule like Babywise.  I was going to use the Babywise method to train him but quickly found it was TOO stressful to try and follow a schedule.  The main routine we try and follow is to Eat, Have awake time, and then sleep.  When we put him to sleep we make sure he is not 100% asleep so he can learn to sooth himself and fall asleep on his own.  If he starts to cry (for more than a few minutes) we go into his room, pick him up and cuddle him until he stops, and then lay him back down.  Sometimes it takes 30 minutes of going into his room to sooth him and really get him to fall asleep but it seems to work.  He has been sleeping in his own crib too!!

The angels were looking down on me today because Miles and I figured out that he really likes his little Jeep baby carrier.  I can just strap him to my chest and he rides along with me while I do chores.  No crying for 30 minutes and no need to switch positions!! I was so happy.  Hopefully this will continue to work.

Miles continues to be VERY alert.  His favorite thing to do right now is look out the window during the day or look at lights (I guess light is the only thing he can see clearly right now).  Our dogs and cat have been very tolerant.  Anytime I nurse Miles they are all crowded around me “helping”.  Eric and I have to watch Travis because he will constantly lick him (and throw balls at him to play).

That’s all for now!!!