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We begin June on a happy and sad note…

June 11, 2007 3:02 pm

First I’ll start with the happy news…

Our little boy is already 2 months old – and is getting big. He weighs 11 pounds and measures 22 3/4 inches in length. He also has many new tricks: drooling, blowing drool bubbles, sucking on his hands or arm, sucking on my arm, cooing, smiling MULTIPLE times a day, grabbing my finger and shoving it in his mouth intentionally to suck on it and the best trick of them all…SLEEPING from 8ish to 3:30am straight!!! Yes, I’m not kidding, I can actually get 5-6 hours of straight sleep a night. Miles has only done this 4 nights in a row so far so I’m ALMOST convinced that the long bouts of sleep are here to stay. He had his first cold a few days ago and was sneezing and coughing for about 2 hours and then stopped all of a sudden. I’m almost wondering if he interited his daddy’s allergies. Eric was sneezing all day yesterday too.

On a sad note our good friend, Danny Faas, passed away from throat cancer last Friday. Danny owned, operated, and provided multiple parties at our old dive shop, Pisces. Danny was one of a kind and Eric and I are very sad that he’s gone.

I also found out today that Liz (my 17 year old cat inherited from Aunt Lisa) has cancer. The vet pointed out a tumor on her leg that I had mistook as an abscess from too much picking at a bug bite. We are going to have it removed but the vet already confirmed it is malignant. I don’t believe in chemo on 17 year old cats so we are going to do what we can to keep her comfortable for as long as she has left.