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A fun filled family weekend

July 17, 2007 2:07 pm

Eric and I just got back from Dallas/ Fort Worth/ Cedar Creek Lake yesterday. We were finally able to make up to Dallas for Miles to meet the Hall side of the family and for a friend’s baby shower. We were able to visit Eric’s sister, have lunch with my grandparents (Gama & Bapa), go to a baby shower, and then drive out to the Hall Ranch Saturday night. Miles was able to meet Mema (my grandmother on my dad’s side) and Uncle Marc and Aunt Susan. We had a blast (as always) at the ranch and enjoyed yummy bbq and a small bit of lake time on dad’s boat. We drove back into Dallas on Sunday with Cousin Cameron and stayed with her and Matt Sunday night. Eric and I were thankful for a relaxing evening. I think Miles needed the quiet time at Cameron’s or would have had a serious melt down from the over-stimulation of the trip. We got up at the crack of dawn Monday morning to drive back to Austin. I think it is a lot easier on Miles to travel during his normal sleep times. Also – new pictures of Miles are on the site. I’m finally able to upload pictures now. I will probably start organizing most pictures by month so we can have more variety.

Quick catch-up post

July 9, 2007 9:43 am

A lot has happened since the last time I wrote. Here’s a brief synopsis…We had to put Liz to sleep :(, Ray loaned Eric a bobcat and Eric made us a circular driveway at the land (Mom and Ray almost flipped the truck and trailor taking the bobcat back to the jobsite – thankfully they weren’t hurt and Ray’s truck suffered minor damage), Eric and Chris Larsen started building a tool shed at the land, Miles slept from 9pm to 7am last night without waking up once, and Eric and I are seriously talking about building our own house out in Rosanky within the next year. For some reason we aren’t able to upload pictures on the website right now but take my word for it…Miles is getting BIG! He’s up to 12 pounds now.

Other than the above, life has been a lot more calm lately. I think Eric and I are finally getting into a groove with the whole ‘parenting thing’. This next weekend we are heading up to Dallas to visit as much family as we can squeeze in and for my grandmother to finally meet Miles!