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Colorado and Sailing Fun

October 11, 2007 9:20 am

Eric, Miles and I ventured to Colorado a few weeks ago for his Marley seminar and my birthday. I’m happy to report that Miles was actually pretty good on the plane and handled traveling very well. There may be a few chewed up American Airlines magazines in the seat pockets but it was a small price to pay. We did learn a valuable lesson to ALWAYS take your own carseat with you cause the one we rented took Eric one hour to install in the rental car. It actually snowed a little bit our first morning…

CO 021

We also learned that Miles LOVES fires. He starred at the fireplace in our cabin for quite some time.

CO 015

Eric and I spent most of our trip driving around Colorado since it was a little too cold and windy for Miles. The scenery was spectacular.

CO 072

The weekend after we returned Chris and Kim took us sailing. It was Miles’ first real sailing trip. While the wind wasn’t too great we did have a wonderful time drifting around Starnes Island. Miles looked adorable in his life jacket and sailing cap.

pics 009