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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 22, 2007 9:56 am

Not much to report other than Miles is standing!! OK – I’m just kidding. You can’t see eric supporting him in the picture but he is. 🙂

Must reach books, must stretch fingers farther...

Miles has started showing an interest in getting his hands on items around him. We are excited but are hoping that crawling doesn’t happen anytime soon. He also started waving at people for no apparent reason.

7 Months Old!!

November 14, 2007 9:13 am

How time flies when you are having fun…

Miles’ favorite things right now are watching the puppies, trying to grab the puppies (yesterday he yanked on Travis’ ear and lip), riding anyone’s shoulders, drinking water out of your glass and then chewing the water, and as always taking a bath. His personality just keeps getting better and better. Talking and blowing raspberries are constant. If you want to make him cry just walk out of his sight and he will quickly get upset as soon as he notices you are gone. Thankfully he hasn’t made any indication that he is close to crawling 🙂 Eric keeps trying to teach him but I’m not worried about encouraging it anytime soon.

I’ve also learned to appreciate being a stay at home mom even more. I have been helping out my old management company the past couple days at the old property I used to manage. Miles gets to come to work with me (which is easier said than done). Working and then having to come home and do your standard chores is exhausting! We’ll only be helping out for 3-4 weeks at the most and thankfully I can set my own schedule to accommodate Miles.

Life is good

November 3, 2007 1:11 pm

October was a busy month for our little boy. He officially started on solid foods and grew his first two teeth! It took us about 3-4 weeks before he was good at eating solids. We had a little trouble with keeping his two favorite sucking fingers out of his month. Seems Miles prefered to suck his food off his fingers instead of eating it off a spoon. Thankfully he’s much better with the spoon now. Miles has started sitting up on his own and playing with toys on the floor. He moves from toy to toy either sucking, chewing or banging it on the ground. He can support himself sitting pretty well and is getting good at rocking forward onto his hands. Luckily he isn’t crawling yet.

As far as Halloween goes – we didn’t do much of anything except for put Miles in his costume and take a few pictures. No need to trick or treat when he would rather be sleeping.

oct 053

Eric and I have started working out at the land a little more now that it is cooling off. We think we’ve settled on a place for our house and are going to head out there tomorrow to work on clearing out the area.