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Let the crawling commence!!

January 21, 2008 9:02 pm

Our boy is officially mobile. Eric and I found a sure fire way to get Miles to crawl…put a remote or cell phone in front of him (some of the items he is forbidden to play with). Luckily he hasn’t figured out that he can crawl anywhere in the house yet. The farthest he’s made it was from our living room rug into the entryway to get into his toy basket. Thankfully he spends most of this time crawling from toy to toy. I realize I won’t stay this lucky for long.

Crawling for the block
More crawling

As you can see, his tutor, Kaylee Poe, has been a huge influence.

Miles is taking notes

Mr. Miles is quite proud of himself.

Happy boy

9 Months Old!!

January 13, 2008 5:12 pm

Miles is officially in the ‘creeping stage’. He can army crawl as far as he needs to (usually to get a toy, play in the fireplace, stick his fingers in the computer disk drives or try and chew on a cord). The longest distance so far has been 4 feet. Crawling is just around the corner. He can get up on his hands and knees but usually ends up laying down on his stomach again.

Attempting to crawl

Some friends of ours, Bill and Ashley Yoder, sent him the tuxedo when he was born.

Standing in the front yard...

Christmas and New Years Update.

January 3, 2008 10:29 am

Miles’ first Christmas is here and gone. Family and friends were incredibly generous with gifts and Miles now has enough toys to last him until he is 4 years old. We spent Christmas Eve and morning with my mom, brother and grandparents. Then we headed over to my Dad and Eve’s house for a yummy scallop and dove stuffed jalapeno dinner. Since we were across the street we even stopped by Eric’s dad’s house for a little bit. Eric and I did what we always said we would never do…drive to every family member’s house on a holiday. We were tired but I know Miles had a ton of fun. After Christmas my aunt, uncle, cousin, and grandmother came to Austin. It was great getting to see them for a few days.

Last Friday we headed to Port Bolivar for our annual New Years trip with Hank, Susan, Lundon, Preston, Hanna, K.C., Chris and Kim. The weekend was filled with fireworks, games, and connect the dots. Kim and I spent hours playing with our $8.00 connect the dots books (some puzzles had over 1,000 dots). It was wonderful, mindless fun.

Miles had a great time riding the ferry and really liked the beach. He handled the 6 hour car trip VERY well and slept great in the closet of our bedroom. Chris was a master at getting him to laugh. He just needed to walk into a room and Miles would break out into a big grin. Pictures of our trip are posted in the trips album in our photo section if you care to look.

And it looks like Miles is getting his Christmas wish…his top 2 front teeth are poking through his gums. Let the biting commence!

I hope you have a wonderful 2008!!