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Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2008 12:41 pm

Last night Eric carved Miles’ first pumpkin. Miles really liked the pumpkin when we lit it up with a candle.

His response when he saw the pumpkin lit up..."OOOOOHHHHH!"
Which face is scarier?
Can I help with the lid?  Let's put it back on.

This morning we headed to our Friday playgroup for his first Halloween Party. The kiddos were adorable!

Our best shot with the pumpkin
The sweet Princess
The cutest chick EVER!

Some pictures of trick or treating…


And back at home playing with balloons…

047 (Large)

What we’ve been up to…

October 25, 2008 7:16 pm

Last week Miles and I met Janna and Kaylee at Central market for lunch and some fun on the playground. Afterwards we headed to a church with a pumpkin-filled lawn for some photos.

10.23.08 002
10.23.08 006

Much fun was had by all.

Miles had a great time this evening playing with daddy in the backyard. He made sure to sit in his ottoman once he realized Eric was doing it too.

10.25.08 003

18 Month Photo Shoot

October 16, 2008 7:29 pm

We took Miles to his first photo shoot today. It wasn’t quite what I expected in that he refused to smile or even cooperate 75% of the time. I think he was a little shy and put off by all of the strange people trying to act stupid to get him to smile. Here’s one of the few good ones.

18 month1

Pumpkin Love

October 15, 2008 10:38 pm

Miles is showing a peculiar love of pumpkins. He carries them around, he talks to them, and he pushes them in boxes around the kitchen. It would probably be cruel to make pumpkin pie out of them.

10.13-10.14.08 058
10.13-10.14.08 031

Miles’ first professional haircut

October 11, 2008 3:46 pm

I broke down and decided to pay $17.95 for a real haircut for Miles. I didn’t do too bad of a job a few weeks ago but there were a few spots that were sticking up that bothered me. (It is a little annoying that it cost more to have Miles’ haircut than what Eric spends on his but at least it was a fun setting). Here’s a before shot:

10.11.08 006
10.11.08 003

The chair and personal tv:

10.11.08 012
10.11.08 011
10.11.08 010

And after:

10.11.08 014
10.11.08 013

He wasn’t too happy once they put the bib on him and spent most of the haircut either trying to climb out of the chair or hanging onto me. At least he didn’t wiggle too much. He was very happy with the lolly pop afterwards.

10.11.08 020