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It was a wonderful Christmas

December 27, 2008 12:01 pm

Eric and I both agree that Christmas is WAY more fun with kid(s). Miles’ reactions to his new toys were priceless. Many ooo’s and ahhhh’s and wow’s. We managed to see all three sets of grandparents and my brother and eric’s sister between Christmas Eve and Christmas day with minimal running around, which was very nice. Here’s our little guy on Christmas Eve in his Christmas outfit.

12.18-12.24.08 015

His favorite toys are the talking Elmo (it’s more like a robot), his battery powered Jeep he can drive (it will take some work but he should understand driving in a few months), and his new slide for the backyard.

12.25-12.26.08 036

Long overdue update

December 16, 2008 3:24 pm

Miles is growing like a weed and seems to have more personality every day. His new favorite thing to do is talk on the phone or pretend his hand is a cell phone. While I can’t understand what he’s saying, it’s obvious he’s talking to his Nana (my mom) by his repeated use of her name. I wonder where he got that from 😉

12.5-12.08.08 004

He loves Christmas lights. If he is outside we have to be careful because he will run towards any lights he sees saying “Wow!!!” or “ooooo-ooooo”.

12.5-12.08.08 008

After we put up the Christmas tree and Eric’s Christmas Goofy doll Miles proceeded to ask “What’s that” over and over again. We talked about the tree and all of the christmas decorations over and over again. I think Christmas is by far his favorite holiday.

12.5-12.08.08 023
12.5-12.08.08 015

Happy Thanksgiving!

December 2, 2008 11:02 am

We had a relaxing holiday here in Austin with my dad, Eve, Michael, and his girlfriend, Kristina. After brunch at Barton Creek we headed back to dad’s house for some football and R & R. At one point during brunch a lady came over to Eric and marveled at how well behaved Miles was. Seems like she had to send her grandchildren upstairs because they couldn’t sit calmly at the table. Miles managed to make it a full hour at brunch but that was with a lot of help and distraction from everyone sitting at the table. It also helped bribing him with some of his favorites – cake and cheese.

11.26-11.27.08 009
11.26-11.27.08 007

Back at dad’s house, Miles enjoyed a trip to the park and a ride on his new firetruck.

11.26-11.27.08 021