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Crawfish Boil 2009

April 23, 2009 2:47 pm

This year we co-hosted our crawfish boil with some of Eric’s old tailgate friends.

The organizers of this year's boil

They had quite the set-up on the 5 acres of land around their house in Driftwood. Between the bouncy houses, face-painting, and animal balloon-maker the kiddos were kept happy. Miles never sat still so no one got photographic proof that he was there. Lyla stayed with us and soaked up all of the cuddles friends had to offer.

She was very happy when Ginger was holding her.

We had a great time and definitely enjoyed not having to clean up our house afterwards!

Guarding the homebrew
One of the few times our paths crossed
And big pots off yummy crawfish
The crawfish tables

Lyla also has a new favorite past time…looking at herself. I can’t stop singing Carly Simon’s song “your so vain” in my head.

Lyla loves to look at herself in the mirror attached to the carseat handle

She will coo and smile at herself for 10 minutes at a time.

Miles turns 2!! (and celebrates Easter)

April 17, 2009 4:40 pm

First, I’ll start with the Easter prep. We dyed eggs and, of course, made a mess.

Dying eggs
and making a mess
All of his pretty eggs

Then it was time to celebrate Miles’ bday. We had a small family-only party (Our goal is to avoid having a big party for as long as we possibly can).

4.9-4.12.09 003.JPG

Miles finally understood the art of opening presents. He was squealing in delight and having an absolute ball.

4.09.09 032.jpg
As you can tell...he was not having fun ;)

He got very protective of his birthday cake because Uncle Michael kept tormenting him.

4.9-4.12.09 008.JPG
4.09.09 063.jpg

I will admit – I was quite proud of my cake. It was yummy and it looked good (100% homemade)

Me and my 11 hour cake

Miles enjoyed licking the beater.

Licking the beater from his bday cake

Then on Sunday we hunted Easter eggs. Miles LOVED it. Since the Easter bunny came during nap time, for a few days after Easter he thought there would be eggs to hunt after every nap. Oops. The Easter bunny hid the eggs in some funny places.

Lyla slept right through the bunny hiding eggs
The easter bunny got a little creative

But Miles found every one of them!

Off to find more eggs
Look what I found!!
Filling his basket
Miles was an egg hunting pro for never doing it before!

Lyla found the whole process extremely interesting.

Another nap

But she eventually woke up and we got some good pictures of her.

She's too little to hold her ears up
Cutest bunny
The only family shot we could get - miles wouldn't cooperate

On Miles’ actual birthday we opened a few more presents and had cupcakes. He even blew out one candle on his own!!

4.12-4.13.09 072.JPG

Both Miles and Lyla was lucky enough to have their 2 year and 2 month well-visits on Miles’ bday (I know – I’m a bad mommy for making miles go to the doctor on his birthday). Both were in the 50th percentile in height and weight. Too bad that’s not going to last with their genes! 😉

Sea World!

April 6, 2009 9:27 pm

Nana took the whole family to Sea World last Friday to celebrate Miles’ 2nd Birthday.

Nana and Miles at Seaworld

Our first stop was the Shamu show. I will admit it was a bit cheesy but still pretty impressive. Miles was interested in the show but was more excited about the ball that dropped from the ceiling for Shamu to touch with his nose than the whales.

Daddy is sitting on the edge of the spash zone
Pretty impressive
Lyla was just happy to be held

One of Miles’ favorites was the sea lions.

King Sea Lion
Watching the Sea Lions

Another highlight was chasing that shadow that was always following him.

Chasing his shadow

At one point he became a little aggravated when we had to wait to take a picture by the Shamu statue. I have no idea where he got this from.

Miles was not happy we had to wait to take a picture by the shamu statue

Then it was off to feed and pet the dolphins. He threw several fish in but was not about to try and pet them like mommy was.

Give me more fish!
Pretty Dolphin

He just about ran circles around us in the aquarium.

Running from tank to tank

It’s nice to know he has our love of fish. We couldn’t keep him on the right side of the barricades in front of the glass. He waved to all of the fish and told many of them “hi”.

Trying to get a closer look
jelly fish
He couldn't get enough of the fish tanks

Here is his VERY excited expression:

This is his excited face

More words and more smiles

April 1, 2009 9:11 pm

It’s amazing how much Miles is talking now. He says a few new words every day…and then doesn’t repeat them no matter how hard you try to get him to. He is continuing to use his potty and is averaging a pee a day. He is thrilled to get to flush the big toilet after we dump his pee. Thank goodness for having an easy reward to ‘treat’ him with. He still loves to run from the bathroom and announce “I did it!!” to who ever will listen. His new Potty Elmo doll sent to him by his great-grandmother (aka Gama) is also a huge hit. Elmo pees on his potty and then Miles pees in his.

3.30.09 005.JPG
3.30.09 003.JPG

Sadly, I am in the process of transitioning him to one nap a day. Yes, for all of you non-believers…he was taking 2 naps a day until recently. It was luck and I realize how spoiled I was. At least Lyla still sleeps a lot during the day so I’m able to get stuff done around the house.

Speaking of Lyla…she slept from 9:30pm until 6:15am last night. I did end up getting up at one point to make sure she was still breathing. The smiles and coos keep coming. It melts our hearts every time she does it.

3.30.09 018.JPG
3.30.09 016.JPG

I was playing with the camera last night and found a neat feature. Eric was getting sick of me taking pictures…as you can tell from his expression.

3.30.09 021.JPG