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Lake Travis Time!

May 27, 2009 1:16 pm

Between the A.S.S. Hunt this year and going boating with my dad we’ve been out to the lake a lot this month. First I’ll start with the Hunt. Unfortunately, it was rainy and cold most of the day but Eric and I had a blast hanging out with Chris and Kim (and taking a break from the kiddos).

5.16-5.17.09 018.JPG

We even won second place!

5.16-5.17.09 022.JPG

Chris and Kim got to spend more quality time with Miles and Lyla.

5.16-5.17.09 029.JPG
5.16-5.17.09 023.JPG

Dad, Eve, and I took Lyla on her first boat trip on dad’s powerboat. The weather was beautiful! It was a lot harder handling 2 kids on a boat than I thought it would be. Thankfully Eve helped with Miles most of the time. Lyla wasn’t a big fan of having her life jacket zipped up so we did the best we could to make it through the afternoon without having to listen to her cry.

5.19.09 021.JPG
5.19.09 018.JPG
5.19.09 017.JPG
5.19.09 016.JPG
5.19.09 014.JPG

Lyla is 100% sleeping through the night now. She goes to bed between 7:30 and 8pm and wakes up around 8am. I usually pop a bottle in her mouth right before I go to bed. She’ll suck it down without even waking up. She smiles all of the time and is such a happy girl.

5.21-5.25.09 010.JPG
5.21-5.25.09 008.JPG
5.19.09 001.JPG
5.16-5.17.09 030.JPG
5.13.09 5x7  004.JPG
5.13.09 002.JPG

Miles is in terrible two mode. We are working on being polite and not whining. He’s very good at saying “I’m sorry” when he does something wrong. His new favorite thing is to pull toys into his crib if his bins are close enough for him to reach. A few nights ago I heard some noises coming from his room and found this in his crib:

5.21-5.25.09 003.JPG

It was hard keeping myself from laughing while I made him hand me his toys one by one.

5.19.09 030.JPG

We crammed a lot into a few weeks…

May 10, 2009 9:51 pm

After the crawfish boil, Eric was kind enough to boil me some more mudbugs since I didn’t my fill at the boil. Miles had a lot of fun playing with the crawfish.

4.24-4.26.09 045.JPG

Then it was time to play with the flowers next to the garden.

4.24-4.26.09 055.JPG

On May 2nd, Miles, Lyla and I headed up to Dallas for our first solo trip to visit family. Lyla’s great grandmothers, Mema and Gama, loved holding her.

5.2-5.7.09 011.JPG
5.2-5.7.09 044.JPG

Lyla hung out with her first cousin- once removed, Hunter.

5.2-5.7.09 037.JPG

And I got to spend time with Hunter’s sister (my cousin), Morgan. (Is your mind bent yet?)

5.2-5.7.09 023.JPG

Papa was thrilled to be in matching outfits with his grandkids.

5.2-5.7.09 030.JPG

My cousin, Cameron, was the perfect host and helped me with the kiddos while we were in town. I couldn’t have done it without her.

5.2-5.7.09 019.JPG

The highlight of our week last Friday was a visit from Uncle Chris and Aunt Kim! Miles has a thing about falling asleep on Kim. Flashback to Feb. 2008:


We didn’t think he’d remember her but sure enough he passed out on her shoulder within minutes of her arriving!

5.8-5.9.09 002.JPG

After he woke up he decided to hide from me in her lap.

5.8-5.9.09 005.JPG

Lyla enjoyed some cuddle time with Uncle Chris and fell asleep in his lap in no time at all.

5.8-5.9.09 003.JPG

Did I mention that Lyla is now 3 months old?! Time flies with your second kid. She is still an amazing baby. She has rolled over once from her stomach to her back and is now cooing and smiling all of the time. She melts our hearts every time with her smiles. Miles still loves his baby sister and always wants to make sure I’m not forgetting her when we leave the house to run errands.

5.8-5.9.09 023.JPG
5.8-5.9.09 021.JPG
5.8-5.9.09 012.JPG

Mother’s Day weekend was busy with a visit from my mom’s parents (a.k.a Gama and Bapa). We celebrated Gama’s 83rd bday and enjoyed a relaxing day and evening with family.

5.8-5.9.09 060.JPG
5.8-5.9.09 050.JPG
5.8-5.9.09 042.JPG
5.8-5.9.09 041.JPG
5.8-5.9.09 037.JPG

That’s all for my catch up post! It’s a lot harder to update our blog on a regular basis with 2 kids but I think I fit it all in there 🙂