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Hall Ranch

June 25, 2009 7:33 am

Last weekend most of my dad’s side of the family converged on my Uncle’s Ranch near Tool, Texas. Miles and Travis were in heaven. Miles woke up every morning chanting, “ride the boat?” Travis was lucky enough to be able to go too.

6.18-6.20.09 057.JPG
6.18-6.20.09 055.JPG
6.18-6.20.09 045.JPG

. We also enjoyed playing with the horses and cows. Miles was a little afraid of them at first

6.18-6.20.09 009.JPG

but soon warmed up to them.

6.18-6.20.09 097.JPG

Lyla enjoyed hanging out with my cousin, Morgan, and even kept with tradition and had her bath in Uncle Marc’s sink.

6.18-6.20.09 033.JPG
6.18-6.20.09 102.JPG

Miles now knows who everyone is and refers to Uncle Marc as “Marcus”, Aunt Susan as “Sue-Sue”, and my grandmother as Mema. I think Marc made an impression cause Miles is still talking about him, the cows, and the horses.
Eric and I had a blast as well. With so many wonderful friends and family around we were able to relax ALONE.

6.18-6.20.09 121.JPG
6.18-6.20.09 118.JPG

We wish this was an annual tradition that could be done quarterly instead 🙂

6.18-6.20.09 130.JPG

A trip to Paris…..Texas.

June 15, 2009 1:35 pm

Two weekends ago, my dad and I took Lyla to Paris, Texas for a family reunion. All of the people there were decendants of my grandmother’s uncle.

6.5-6.6.09 037.JPG

So pretty much they are all distant cousins. Lyla was a hit with all of her distant cousins and amazingly enough handled the drive to dallas and then the 2 hour drive to Paris very well.

6.5-6.6.09 008.JPG

(She loves that lion).
We enjoyed spending time with my Great Aunt Nancy (she makes the best sweet iced tea and fried steaks in Texas) and also went to visit relatives in the cemetery. Lyla’s namesake, Lisa Merineth (my aunt) is buried there.

6.5-6.6.09 056.JPG
6.5-6.6.09 044.JPG

Lyla wiggled her way right into her Paw-Paw’s heart (as he said) on the trip. It was really cute watching my dad turn into a silly, giggling mess around her.

6.5-6.6.09 061.JPG

It’s amazing how our free time is dwindling. Lyla is slowly becoming more and more demanding and wants more attention. I guess I can understand – it’s not so much fun laying around all day. All I can say is thank God for exersaucers.

5.21-5.25.09 017.JPG

If it wasn’t for this contraption we wouldn’t get anything done. Miles seems to be more and more willing to try and ‘play’ with Lyla. Of course, I have to keep a close eye on him because he tends to get pretty rough.

6.7-6.9.09 007.JPG

His new favorite toy is his kitchen. His favorite part is the microwave and the plastic french fries.

6.7-6.9.09 017.JPG

Speaking of french fries – they are by far his favorite food. I can’t go to a drive thru any more without him chanting “fren-fries, fren-fries?”
Thankfully Lyla is now sleeping from 7pm-7:30am. I still have to give her a bottle right before I go to bed but it’s a small price to pay for an evening without kids and a full night’s sleep.
Here are a few shots of us being silly with an ice cream cup from Minute Maid Park.

6.7-6.9.09 006.JPG
6.7-6.9.09 005.JPG

Eric just finished building a concrete fountain for our back deck. I need to take a picture and post it on here.