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Two reasons I love our new camera…

July 13, 2009 7:28 am
Ready for fun in the sun

It’s amazing how our pictures improve of the kids when you can shoot multiple shots each second!

Could it get any hotter?

July 9, 2009 9:20 pm

Miles and Lyla got to see their first fireworks show last weekend. We sat out on the Barton Creek golf course and watched the country club’s annual show. Miles cried for the first few minutes but calmed down and watched the fireworks after Eric pointed out it was like Buzz Lightyear. Don’t ask me why that made Miles calm down but he couldn’t stop saying “beyond, beyond”. Lyla just sat in her carseat and watched. She didn’t seem to mind at all.

Miles finally stopped crying
Waiting for fireworks
Eric and his dad
Just about to watch fireworks on the golf course

With the 100+ degree heat we have been couped up inside of the house. If it wasn’t for playgroups, I would be going crazy. Eric was nice enough to let Miles have a day of outdoor fun last weekend. I had to keep Lyla inside in the AC. The popsicle was the perfect way to commemorate a few hours of playing in the backyard.


Miles has also bonded with my couch blanket. Now that he’s stolen it, I no longer have something to snuggle in at night. I don’t miss it too much. He loves cuddling with it and even throws it over his head and walks around blind and bounces off the walls for fun.

Loving on his new favorite blanket

His other LOVE at the moment are trains. Thomas the Train is like crack for 2 year old boys.

Miles and his favorite trains

On an annoying note, whenever Lyla cries he likes to scream…at the top of his lungs. He makes an obnoxious face when he does it too. It really drives me up a wall.

The evil scream face

At least he’s gotten better about whining. Other friends have told me that their kids do the same thing. I guess it’s just another one of the annoying toddler traits.

He has been talking up a storm lately. Most of the time he sounds a little chinese with some english mixed in. Every now and then he will pop out with a sentence. This morning we were watching a cat through the window. Miles looked at me and said clearly, “Where did the cat go?”, when the cat walked away. Here are a few of our favorite mispronunciations:

Bandaids = dain-dains
Tylenol = Ty-na-na
Milk = mylk
Drink = dink
Travis = used to be Ya-i-e but he is finally saying “tavis”
Uncle Michael = monkey or mikey
Crack in the Track (his favorite book) = Cra in da cra in da track?
Pretzels = zee-zles
Flowers = powers

Lyla is already 5 months old! Happy Birthday!

5 months old!

I can’t believe how fast time is flying by. She loves her bouncy seats (thank God!). She hasn’t really had any belly laughs yet but she chuckles when you bite on her tummy. She is close to being able to sit up on her own but still falls over. I’m noticing that she is starting to pay a lot more attention to both Miles and Travis. It melts my heart to see her smile at them.

I think she finally doesn't mind tummy time

Miles has continued to be very protective of her and anytime we are loading or unloading the car he always asks me where the baby is and gets upset if he doesn’t see that she is out of the car and close to him. She is officially on the same sleeping schedule (in the evenings) as Miles. They both go to sleep at 7pm and wake between 7:30 and 8. Eric and I are very happy to have our kid-free evenings back.