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Potty Training

August 26, 2009 2:30 pm

I decided to make life more interesting and potty train Miles. Buying diapers for two children was a great motivator to get Miles to pee in his own potty. He’s been using his potty at least once a day pretty regularly since he turned 2 so last Sunday I took the plunge and put him in training pants. I committed to staying home all week and trying to get him to use his potty at least every 30 minutes to an hour.

We found out really quickly that training pants are just a more comfortable version of a diaper (he didn’t care about peeing in them and walking around being wet). So we switched him to big boy underwear.

2009_08_26_1429 (Large).JPG

It only took him peeing in them once to realize he wasn’t fond of the sensation. He will usually say “Uh-oh!” Big Pee-pee”. We’ve made it 3 full days now and he’s doing VERY well. Sure, we have a few accidents here and there but he seems to be making the connection that it’s better to pee in the potty than down his leg. Another key to making this work was finding the right reward system. Stickers worked for a few days and then he decided he could care less about them. So we switched to animal and star shaped sprinkles (the ones you put on cakes and cookies). We make the potty experience even more ‘fun’ by blowing bubbles over his head if he will sit on his potty. (Miles now requests “potty bubbles” as he runs to the bathroom). It’s time consuming but it really seems to work!

He will still wear diapers or pullups at night and during nap times until he’s closer to 3. Unfortunately he’s still too young to sleep without an accident. But that’s fine by me! 2 diapers a day vs. 6 is a trade I’m willing to make.

Poor Lyla has been such a champ through all of this. When Miles has to go he has to go…NOW. That means Lyla is sometimes left sitting in her highchair or bouncy seat alone while we take care of things.

2009_08_26_1421 (Large).JPG

She isn’t fond of being left behind but unfortunately, there is no time to get her out of the seats. We have to RUN to the bathroom or we’ll miss the golden window (pun intended) 😉

I’ll post pictures as soon as I have time to grab the camera.

Happy Birthday Sweet Lyla-Bean

August 9, 2009 5:28 pm

I can’t believe Lyla is already 6 months old.

She loves it when you munch on her face

Yesterday we started rice cereal. I guess it went as well as can be expected. She didn’t seem repulsed by it so that’s a good sign.

Our first bite of rice cereal

Let’s see – what else has Lyla been up to…she is sitting up on her own and is also very good at rolling onto her stomach. If she’s on her tummy she can also scoot herself backwards. I have a sneaking suspicion she may be crawling earlier than Miles.

Miles is still being very nice to his sister. The other night he helped me feed her a bottle. He was very proud of himself.

Big brother, Miles, gets to feed Lyla her bottle

Miles is talked up a storm. Some of his most recent sentences are “I found it!”, “Where are we?”, “Watch a movie?”, and “Play choo-choo tracks, (insert name here)?”. He makes us laugh almost every day. He can almost count to ten but for some reason will not say the number three. His new favorite toy is his Thomas the Train set (many thanks to Craig’s list).

His new train table (it was a steal on craig's list)
My steal on craigs list and miles' favorite toy

He loves to crash his trains and sit on his table while he pushes them around the track.

He’s gotten a little frustrated with us taking too many pictures of him but we still love our new camera.

Stop taking pictures of me daddy!!

Eric and I have also been working with a designer (a step down from an architect) to design our new house for our land in Smithville. We’ve almost settled on a plan and if things go as we hope, we should be able to start building next year. Here we are hanging out at the land last weekend.

Chilling at the land having a snack

I’ll leave you with this photo. Miles is kissing his friend, Kaylee, through the glass. Young love…

Kisses with Kaylee