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Crawling and Toddler Beds

September 29, 2009 7:52 pm

A week ago I would have bet a million dollars that the transition into a toddler bed with Miles would have been horrible. Absolutely horrible. Well…I would have lost a lot of money. You’d never believe it but he’s doing a great job!! Before:

Before the conversion

Waiting patiently:

Waiting patiently for his new bed


"Sit on the bed, mama?"
He really was THAT excited about the new bed.

He was so excited about his new bed. He couldn’t wait to go to sleep. Granted, we did have to put him back into bed 10 or so times but he finally fell asleep. Today at naptime he didn’t try and crawl out at all! Then tonight he only got out once. I. Am. So. Lucky.

Ms. Lyla has been gearing up to crawl for the past several weeks. Last Saturday it finally clicked. She is now on a mission to get every toy she isn’t allowed to touch into her mouth.

more crawling

At least I can count on Miles to rip it out of her hands (and then kindly hand her one of her toys).

Miles has been a lot more affectionate lately. He loves “butterfly kisses” and even leaned over to kiss lyla when I asked him to!

He leaned in to give her a kiss!!

Riding horsey is a daily occurance now. We can’t sit on the floor without him crawling on our back asking “ride the horsey?”

Riding horsey on daddy

Potty training is going well. He pretty much has #1 down (except for a few accidents here and there). #2 is a different story and is usually taken care of in hiding or during naptime.

Lyla loves her daddy time. She reaches out for him to hold her when he comes home from work.

I love my daddy

Here’s Miles helping me blow out my birthday cake.

I still think he thinks it is his bday

“Baby Got Boat”

September 10, 2009 9:37 pm

Kids say the funniest things…so I couldn’t help making that the start of my post for September. And my…what a month it has been and we aren’t even halfway through yet!

Eric and I have been hard at work designing our new house for our land in the Bastrop/ Smithville Area. I never realized how time consuming this could be! Thankfully we agree on 90% of what we want in our “dream home” so it has been as smooth of a process as can be expected.

Miles and Lyla continue to fill my days with joy and at times frustrate me beyond belief. It really is a blessing and a curse when your 2 year old starts talking. Now I know what he wants. But since he knows I can understand him he isn’t too happy with me when he doesn’t get what he wants.

Mommy cut my hair again

Miles has also started ‘interacting’ with his sister more. And by ‘interacting’ I mean, taking the toys she is playing with and throwing them across the room, rolling on top of her (this is how he plays with Travis), and even getting down on the floor to talk to her when she is crying to ask “what’s wrong baby?”.

Lyla notices Miles more now too.

Playing with big brother

She laughs at him now when he’s being silly. And watches him constantly. It is going to be a ton of fun watching them grow up together.

Here’s Lyla watching her first UT football game with Daddy.

Hook Em'

Like father, like daughter…

Can you tell they are related?

We even got to visit with some old friends of Eric’s, Chris and Angie. It was great seeing them.

Chris, Angie and Eric

My dad and Eve brought Miles back some rocks from New Mexico last week. I NEVER would have guessed he would like them this much.

See daddy?!!
Playing with his favorite rocks from Paw-paw

I have to tell him the rocks need to take a nap so he will put them down when it’s time to go to bed. He even stepped in a red ant pile today and got bitten over 100 times and the first thing he did once the screaming stopped was run to play with the rocks (don’t worry – he is fine. We took him to the doctor to be sure. I’m just very thankful he isn’t allergic or we would have had a serious problem on our hands).

My mom and I had fun last weekend dressing Lyla up in my christening gown. She was adorable.

She looks like a doll!
Lyla playing in my christening gown

Happy 7 month birthday!!