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October 15, 2009 3:11 pm

I don’t know why I do this to myself. Even without scheduling fun activities we are busy just dealing with day to day life. But I guess I couldn’t resist the fun 🙂 So last Friday my mom and I took Miles to ride a real Thomas the Train. The day got off to a rocky start and my mom missed the train because she went to the wrong train station in the wrong city. Miles, Lyla and I were able to ride it with some help from some friends we made in line. Nana made it in time to help us off the train.

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2009_10_08_2164 (Large).JPG

Saturday, Miles, Lyla, and I joined my dad, Michael and his girlfriend, Kristina for a drive to Richland Springs, TX for a family reunion at our “Big Uncle” Cemetery. I am now officially on the “board” for the people who watch over and control the cemetery. They were in desperate need of new blood so I figured, why not? Michael was a huge help keeping Miles entertained. We didn’t have a big turnout but it was still fun to see the cemetery where my ancestors are buried.

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Sunday, we met Elaine, Dale and Nathan at Sea World in San Antonio. Unfortunately, since it was raining and cold we left the camera in the car but Miles didn’t care one bit.

Monday my grandparents came into town from Dallas and we spent the afternoon and evening playing with the kiddos at our house. Michael and Miles were (as usual) hilarious together.

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Miles is now officially IN his toddler bed. He hasn’t given us any problems crawling out of it…thank goodness! Lyla has mastered crawling and is on a mission to get any toy in her mouth that shouldn’t belong there. For some reason she loves to crawl under and between furniture. This has resulted in bonking her head multiple times but I’m sure she’ll learn. Eric is looking forward to getting work done at our land. Next weekend he gets to play with a bobcat and is going to work on making our driveway less steep. Hopefully we will be drilling the well in the next month. Progress is slow but at least we are making it!