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November 14, 2009 4:36 pm

Between Eric having the swine flu (thankfully a mild version), Miles and I taking our turns being sick, and all of my grandparents having major health issues…the last 4 weeks have not been fun. I think all of the cuteness oozing from Miles and Lyla have kept me sane. I’ll try and backtrack from what little I can remember. Late last month, Miles and Lyla really started playing together. They like to crawl after each other around the couch. It warms my little heart to see Miles enjoying his sister so much. Lyla also started to pull herself onto her knees. I’m sure by Christmas she’ll be cruising around holding onto furniture.

Halloween was a blast. Miles loved carving pumpkins with daddy.

2009_10_27_2991 (Large).JPG
2009_10_27_2975 (Large).JPG
2009_10_27_2974 (Large).JPG

We trick or treated over at my dad and eve’s house. In hindsight we should have gone trick or treating when it was still light outside. Miles was a little overwhelmed by all of the big kids rushing people’s front doors and running around. He definitely understood the name of the game was getting as much candy as possible.

2009_10_31_3096 (Large).JPG
2009_10_31_3073 (Large).JPG
2009_10_31_3047 (Large).JPG
2009_10_31_3045 (Large).JPG
2009_10_31_3044 (Large).JPG

Lyla stayed home with Eve and didn’t get dressed up this year. We did put her in Miles’ old skunk costume the next day for giggles but she wasn’t too thrilled about it.

Not liking the skunk costume

My mom and I took the kids to a safari park in johnson city a few weeks ago. Miles liked feeding the animals and I loved feeding the camel, Goober.

The camel, Goober, was my favorite.
Lyla even nursed on the bouncy tractor ride
He loved it!
Petting zoo ride with Nana

Lyla was true to form and nursed while we were riding around on the tractor. It was funny that none of the animals distracted her from her mission.

Lyla is now 9 months old.

Goofy girl

I can’t believe how fast she is growing. She follows us around the house and still loves to be held and cuddled. I can already tell that I’m going to have a hard time weening her on her first birthday. This girl loves to nurse! The downside to that is she refuses to take a bottle. I’m not thrilled about it but there’s only so much we can do. At least she can eat food off the table now. Just yesterday my mom and I took the kids out for Thai food and she was shoveling fried rice into her mouth. In the last few days she has gotten very good at feeding herself.

Miles continues to be hysterical. Some of his newest mispronunciations: Computer = Peter/ Mr. Potatoe Head = Tubar head/ Bananas = Me-mas. When he wants me to pick him up he’ll say “carry you?”. He is definitely all boy. Anything having to do with bodily sounds, functions or fluids make him crack up. He loves playing with toy animals. It’s really neat watching his imagination develop.