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Christmas and Land Update

December 31, 2009 2:21 pm

December has been a very productive month. A few weeks ago we finally were able to have electric service run to our land.  Since Eric did all of the tree clearing himself it took us awhile to be ready for Bluebonnet electric to do the installation. But thankfully he finally finished in the nick of time!

2009_12_18_5116 (Large).JPG
2009_12_18_5114 (Large).JPG

Hopefully next week they will begin drilling our well.  Then our next goal will be to finalize the house plans (yes, we are changing them again). I’m not sure if we are still on track to start building in May but we are going to try.

Miles enjoyed playing in his first leaf pile a few days before Christmas.  We managed to get a few good shots.

2009_12_20_5190 (Large).JPG
IMG_7128-Edit (Large).jpg

We started a new Christmas tradition by walking the trail of lights in Bastrop. It is far better than Austin’s since there is actually parking! Miles had a great time and ran from one end of the trail to the other.

2009_12_23_5435 (Large).JPG
2009_12_23_5395 (Large).JPG

This year we had our first Christmas at home. After driving back and forth between our family’s houses the past few years we finally decided we had enough lugging the kids and their stuff around.  On Christmas Eve my dad and Eve came over for dinner and presents.

2009_12_24_5474 (Large).JPG
2009_12_24_5477 (Large).JPG

Miles got his first tricycle. When he saw it for the first time he yelled “A motorcycle!!”. He really loves wearing his Cars helmet too.

2009_12_24_5535 (Large).JPG

 Christmas morning, we opened presents with my mom and Ray.

2009_12_24_5772 (Large).JPG
2009_12_24_5753 (Large).JPG
2009_12_24_5726 (Large).JPG
2009_12_24_5614 (Large).JPG
2009_12_25_5806 (Large).JPG

As you can probably guess, the kids (and daddy) had more fun playing in the box than with their new toys.

2009_12_25_5794 (Large).JPG
2009_12_25_5793 (Large).JPG
2009_12_25_5786 (Large).JPG


I hope everyone has a Happy New Year!

Thanksgiving and Early December

December 14, 2009 10:58 pm

Time to backtrack a little to bring everyone up to date.  We celebrated 2 thanksgivings this year. Our first one was with Eric’s side of the family on Thanksgiving day. Here’s Eric carving the turkey.  

Eric carving the turkey

 And then Miles trying very hard to stay awake.

He was so tired on thanksgiving day

At least we had the opportunity to get a good shot of me and Eric.

Thanksgiving pose

 Lyla wasn’t too thrilled about the turkey but she had a lot of fun playing with the boys’ robot.

Lyla having fun with the robot

 We managed to get a decent shot of the whole family!

Dreher Thanksgiving

 Then on Friday, Eric and I stuck with tradition and cooked another full Thanksgiving meal and had my mom, brother and his girlfriend over.  Eric fried our first turkey and it was delicious!

Our first fried turkey

I even set the table all pretty-like 😉

My thanksgiving table

 Miles had fun eating off daddy’s plate

Miles and Eric rockin' the extenda-fork

 And Lyla was just happy.

Lyla liked her first thanksgiving...kind of... (ok...she barely ate the turkey)

That brings us to our first attempt at Miles and Lyla sitting on Santa’s lap at the same time. It was a complete and utter failure. Miles fell and hit his head while trying to run from Santa. Lyla screamed. So we got a picture of Lyla crying on Santa’s lap. I didn’t buy it.  But I did manage to get a few cute shots of them in their new Christmas outfits afterwards.

Playing with her bell
Post mall Santa (disaster)

  Onto December we go… Lyla celebrated her 10 month bday.  She is pulling herself to standing easily now and has cut her 3rd tooth. 

2009_12_08_4819 (Large).JPG

 She’s been a bit fussy lately but I think that has everything to do with the teething.  She’s been a great subject for me to practice my photography skills on. 

More practicing
I'm practicing my photography

Miles moves so much that it’s hard to get a good shot of him.  Speaking of Miles, he has been so sweet with Lyla and is starting to talk to her, try and feed her and even share his toys!  Miles has been talking up a storm lately. Here he is looking at the “spinny”

Miles likes watching the "spinny"

. He also loves reading books. One of his favorite books has a “ha-pa-tus” in it (octupus).  For some reason he has named one of the fish in the book a “ho-ho”. We aren’t quite sure where that came from.

Miles reached another milestone. He used the potty for #2 for the first time a few days ago.  He is very motivated to get those M & M’s!

We decorated the house for Christmas. Eric got an amazing shot of our tree using the new camera.

2009 Christmas Tree

 Amazingly enough, both children are doing great not messing with the tree. Lyla actually listens when you tell her “no”.  Here they are again after our second trip to see Santa at Barton Creek Country Club. It was only successful because both kids sat in mine and eric’s lap.  

Barton Creek
playing on the stairs at barton creek