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January 23, 2010 2:59 pm

Happy New Year!   I wish I had some more progress on the land to report but at the moment we are at a standstill with the well.  The weather has been the main thing delaying drilling. Hopefully, they will start towards the end of next week.  Eric and I are also redesigning the house.  After sitting on our old plans we realized there were a few things we weren’t happy with. Of course, to correct them the entire house had to be reworked.  I’m ok with that, though. I think we’ll end up with a better product.

Eric has been busy working on his Jeep.  He replaced the radiator and heater coil? himself. He had to take the entire dashboard off.  Now he’s onto fixing up the house so it can be show-worthy once we do put it on the market.

I’m been busy with the kids (I know…surprising) 😉 .

2009_12_27_58464x6crop (Large).jpg

 Miles and Lyla have been playing VERY well together.  I can actually get things done around the house now!

A few weeks ago we went to visit my brother and see his new cat, Kirin.  Michael and I swear Lyla said “kitty”. 

2010_01_04_5964 (Large).JPG

I think I can count that as one of her first words.  She may have already said “hi” but it’s hard to tell.  Miles is doing great with potty training.  He enjoys showing us the fruits of his labor.  He also likes to say “Mama and Dada are proud of me”.  Here he is watching football with daddy. Anytime he sees a longhord he’ll say “hook em’ horns!”.  He’s trying to make a longhorn with his hand but it looks more like a claw. 

2010_01_07_6093 (Large).JPG

 Here we are goofing around at the grocery store.

2010_01_15 (Large).jpg

 He loves helping us with anything we are doing, especially grocery shopping and cooking.  Lyla is still such a sweet girl.  She has us wrapped around her finger. Her Aunt Beth was kind enough to send her her very own pair of Uggs.

2010_01_07_6082 (Large).JPG

 She can walk around now if she is holding onto something.  We aren’t encouraging it too much. 

2010_01_09_6141 (Large).JPG

 People keep telling me she looks like me but she is 100% daddy’s side of the family.

2010_01_09_6114 (Large).JPG