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Pool fun, Big Boy Bed & Dallas Trip

June 27, 2010 3:55 pm

We celebrated father’s day with my dad and headed out to Dripping Springs for a fun day at their neighborhood pool. 

2010_06_19_9189 (Large).JPG

Miles learned a valuable lesson that day: It’s a good idea to listen to your mommy when she says not to jump off the edge of the pool without someone standing there to catch him.  Luckily my dad made it over to him within a few seconds.  Needless to say, he listened to me when I told him to wait for me to jump after that little episode. 

2010_06_19_9218 (Large).JPG
2010_06_19_9194 (Large).JPG
2010_06_19_9169 (Large).JPG

After about 30 minutes in the pool, Lyla decided she LOVED it and was kicking and squealing the entire time. I’m looking forward to getting them in swimming lessons when they are a little older.

Nothing helps make a small duplex more bearable than getting out of it and going to visit family!  My cousin, Cameron, (aka Aunt Camei) was kind enough to let me and the kids descend on her house in Dallas for a week.  We visited both sets of grandparents.  It was a lot of fun watching Miles play with my grandmother. 

2010_06_22_9325 (Large).JPG
2010_06_21_9304 (Large).JPG

Sometimes he was a little too rough with her and tried to rough-house with her just like he does with me.  We also visited Mema and went swimming at the pool at her condo.  Uncle Marc and Camei had a blast playing with the kids.

2010_06_22_9359 (Large).JPG
2010_06_22_9356 (Large).JPG

Miles had no fear when it came to jumping off the edge of the pool into Camei or Marc’s arms.  My grandmother, Mema, wasn’t feeling too well that day but by the end of our visit she was feeling much better. 

A few days before our Dallas trip Eric converted Miles’ bed into a full-size bed. 

2010_06_18_9142 (Large).JPG
2010_06_18_9125 (Large).JPG

Sadly the footboard is in the very back of our storeroom so eric had to rig the footboard with a few 2×4’s.  It always helps to have a handy husband 😉

Not much to report on the house. Just more dirt work.  Hopefully by the end of next week we’ll have a date for the foundation pouring!


June 15, 2010 4:03 pm

It’s been a little over a week and we are finally adjusting to life in our very small duplex.



2010_06_10_9118 (Large).JPG
2010_06_10_9108 (Large).JPG

While it’s not ideal, it’s definitely better than the alternative – a 2 bedroom apartment.  Moving was fairly painless thanks to the help of my brother and his girlfriend, Kristina.  We couldn’t have gotten settled without them.  We scratched and dented up enough furniture to realize that hiring a movers really is the way to go for the big stuff.  Besides if I ask Michael and Kristina to help us move again, I think I will be disowned.

Eric and I were thrilled that the new owners of our Auckland house loved the trees as much as we did.  It made it a lot easier to move on knowing it was in good hands.  The new owners are a cute, young couple from Russia who are pregnant with their first baby. 

The kids have adjusted well to the move. Miles seems to understand that this is temporary. He keeps wanting to play legos and “build a house at the land”.  Too bad he keeps getting his legos taken away for not picking them up 😉  Lyla has made it her mission in life to get up the stairs.  Thank God for gates!

2010_06_10_9093 (Large).JPG
2010_06_04_8987 (Large).JPG

Travis had the hardest time adjusting.  He just now stopped standing at the front door asking to ride in the car.

Things are moving slowly on the house.  Rain and decisions have slowed our progress but we will hopefully be pouring the slab in the next 2 weeks. 

In the meantime, I’ve been staying busy meeting moms who live in our area, visiting friends in austin, trying to clean our duplex and hanging out at the land. Eric is spending his free time finishing up burying our electrical line and taking down a few trees.

I’ll update again when we have some progress on the house! Here are a few pics of the house site and driveway.