Ft. Worth Visit

October 13, 2010 2:14 pm

Eric’s sister and husband gave us a much needed vacation at their house in Ft. Worth last weekend.  Travis even got to come along too. Miles was in awe of his cousin, David.  We enjoyed the first half of a TCU football game until the kids were too tired to push forward.  

Lyla enjoyed the game!
Mike, David and Blake at game
Falling asleep at TCU game
Heidi and Lisa
Rough-housing with Eric in front yard

Miles had fun playing football with the big kids in their front yard.  He seemed to think it was a good idea to run around with a baseball helmet covering his eyes.  David thought it was hilarious.

Playing/running with the football

We also were able to have a quick visit with my grandparents.  Lyla enjoyed playing with Gama’s costume jewelry and Miles had fun decorating daddy.

All dressed up!
Checking out Gama's necklaces
Decorating daddy with gama's jewelry

Now we are (im)patiently awaiting Halloween.  Both kids can barely contain themselves. Lyla has already declared she wants to be a dinosaur like her big brother.  Miles had fun testing out an old lion costume I found in the garage.

Testing out a tiger outfit
Lyla decides to be a "dinosaur"

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