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He is his father’s son…

September 25, 2008 7:34 pm

Miles has a new tradition every night – playing in the garage with daddy. If you want to see a good temper tantrum, complete with head butts to the wall and high pitched wailing, make him come inside. His new favorite thing to do in the garage is rearranging beer bottles.


He wanted to be like his daddy so much that he even tried to drink a few.


Since Miles spends most of his day hugging Travis, I have to show off our latest “boy who loves his dog” photo.


I also managed to cut his hair this week while Eric distracted him with crayons and other than it looking a little crooked in the back – I don’t think I did too bad of a job.

9.24.08 008

I’m VERY excited because we find out the sex of Dreher #2 next Tuesday. The pregnancy is going much better. Thankfully the nausea has ended. The bambino is also starting to kick me a lot. I have a constant reminder now that there is something growing inside of me.

A tale of two possums

September 9, 2008 2:55 pm

Let’s just say this hasn’t been one of our best weeks. Both Miles and I are suffering from a nasty cold…

9.3-9.9.08 016

and to make matters worse we’ve had possums running around our kitchen. It all started 4 nights ago…

I thought I heard noises around 4am in the kitchen Friday night. Travis and I went to investigate but couldn’t find anything. Eric and I figured that a mouse had somehow gotten into the house through a hole we have in the back of one of our cabinets for some electrical wires for our fish tank. No big deal – just put some steel wool in the hole and problem solved! Not the case. Saturday night rolls around and I hear the noises again. Travis and I go back to investigate and I see a long tail sticking out from under the couch (I found the rodent before my own dog noticed it). I screamed for Eric and much to our surprise a baby possum was hanging out under the couch. He must have been enjoying a yummy dinner of leftover dog food before we interrupted him. Anyways, a comical scene ensued with Eric chasing it around in his underwear with a broom and me standing on a stool holding onto a mop for dear life. Eric was able to get it to run out the back door. We figured it had gotten in through the dog door so we decided to lock the door the next night and put some live animal traps out by the deck to try and catch them.

Onto Sunday afternoon. I’m laying on the couch and could swear I hear a few knocking noises in the kitchen and then a sneeze. I call Eric in from the garage, he investigates, finds nothing and tells me it must have been my imagination or the fish tank. I wasn’t entirely convinced but I took his word for it. A few hours later I go to get a rag out of one of our drawers and was scared half to death when 2 paws quickly retreated from where my hand just was. I screamed bloody murder and ran the fastest I’ve ever run across the house. Yep – the darn possum was sleeping in our towel drawer. Eric can’t figure out how to get it out but all of a sudden it disappeared. Come to find out it had climbed into the hole we had originally patched with the steel wool. Great – we now have a decent sized rodent – in the walls – that’s going to die and stink to high heaven. On a positive note we were able to catch one of the possums in our trap outside. One down…??? to go.

Luckily, the next morning Eric found a hole by our AC unit where they must have been getting in. Thank goodness our assumption that they were coming in the dog door was wrong. We decided to put a cage inside of the cabinet with the hole last night and catch us some more possums. Again – 4am – I hear noises and go to investigate. I’m too chicken to open the cabinet to see if we caught the possum. When Eric went to investigate this morning he found another possum curled up asleep in our towel drawer. Eric snuck into the garage, put on some gloves, and grabbed the sucker before it knew what hit him and threw him in the cage. Baby possum #2 will have a nice home a few miles past the Saltlick before the day is over.

CIMG0078 (Large)

Hopefully this ends our possum saga. Sure – there’s a chance more are hiding somewhere in our house but I’m trying not to think about that. If it was legal to fire weapons in the city limits, I would have myself some fun, but for now we wait and see.