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Today’s forecast

April 2, 2007 8:39 am
There’s not much special about today’s forecast, but this little item on the Weather Underground website has made me think more than once. Wanting to try out this Firefox add-on I have called Clip-Notes I think, this gave me a chance to “clip” something from a website and post it to the blog. Back to what I clipped: I’ve had a long theory in which I have argued (no one really argues with me about it though) that I could blindly forecast the weather by simply saying “Today will be the same as yesterday.” Or it could be a future forecast, “Tomorrow will be the same as today.” I’m certain that I could be more accurate in my such weather forecast than any other weather guesser. I need to pay attention more and see if this Weather Underground snip under the forecast ever says something like “Today’s temperature will be radically higher than yesterday.” Of maybe they are just gathering data with a theory unlike my own…
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Today is forecast to be nearly the same temperature as yesterday.
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For two years they’ve been saying our drought is going to be one of the worst ever. Well it was pretty bad, but I was always confident that the lake will come back and the drought will be over before most people even realize it. In fact, the news programs will be so excited about the tragedies and danger of some rain, they’ll skip right over it. By golly I see an article in the paper about a very quiet declaration of the end of the drought. The lake’s back up to 666′ or so, about a 20′ rise in the past several weeks. We hit a low of 643′ back in December which didn’t even reach the recent low point in 2000. Close, but no cigar. January hit us with a good spell of rain, and now again in March. We’re currently at double the average amount of rainfall for the year.
But I digress. The clip notes thing seems to work well, I’ll have to teach Lisa how to do it. She’s doing well, but darned ready for the baby to make his arrival. We were certain as blind predictions go that yesterday would be the day. April 1st (never mind that day, it’s both my sister’s and step-brother’s birthday), opening night of baseball with my favorite Cardinal’s on tv. I even started several projects in the yard and smoked some ribs on the smoker. Not enough to temp fate or call on Murphy’s Law.
It was enough, if you believe, to make the oven kick the bucket. Well it seems only the igniter or possibly some whatever feeds the gas to the igniter. Right as Lisa was going to make a nice looking blueberry coffee cake to go with the ribs. The stove-top works, but no oven ignition. I’m certain I could fix it – it’s either one $75 piece, or two. But then again, we could just buy a new oven. It’s ten years old, I’ve wanted a new oven, and I’m certain that any oven I could possibly buy is probably a higher quality than the builder provided me with the house.

So, to temp fate again, we’ll be off to buy and install a new oven. I can see myself calling JT and see if he can’t finish installing the oven while we’re at the hospital. It won’t happen, but it’d be a good story. I’m gonna have to find some good story for when the event happens. Some sort of major interruption. Maybe that’s why I haven’t finished the little table for next to her nursery rocker. It’s a nice little table I made, but needs a little finishing touches for final assembly and a finish. It’s close enough that it could be used and I could finish it in the little doses of spare time I’ll have. I’m told by everybody that I’ll have none. The neighbor told me yesterday that this is the first time he’s actually been able to do anything of a substantial time length. His twin girls have just turned four. Before them, he already had a toddler.

So that reminds me, our friends Andy and Stephanie had their little girl, Meredith, on Friday evening about 8 PM. That’s our two friends both due on the same or almost the same day as Lisa (April 11th). Only Lisa remains pregnant. She has yet another doctor visit this morning – maybe there’s some progress. I hope so for Lisa’s sake.
Who knows what today will bring.

Ramblings from the past weekend

October 23, 2006 1:41 pm

First of all, I just realized I had made a great Gumbo on Saturday and didn’t bring any for lunch today.  We were going to grill some deer sausage that Lou had brought over on Saturday night.  But I’m out of charcoal.  So I headed to the store for charcoal, but Lisa added a long list.  Halfway back from the store, I realized I forgot the reason I went to the store.  Luckily I got some alternatives for dinner and thus made chicken and sausage gumbo instead.  Good eats.

I spent most of the day inside, even though it was beautiful outside.  Lisa went to pre-natal yoga and shopped, while I fiddled with the Xbox upgrading it and watched the UT/Nebraska football game.  It was a great, close game.  Almost, just almost too close of a game.  But UT eeked out the field goal at the last minute to bring home a victory from a snowy Nebraska.  I have to admit, my interest in UT has lapsed a bit this year.  I honestly feel that after winning the national championship in January, I’ve seen what I have been waiting for – for so long.  I haven’t had the confidence that this year’s team is quite as good (there’s not much doubt there) but they are better than I’ve given them credit for so far.  But I digress.  I’m happy they pulled it off.  They say we’re likely to see Nebraska again for the Big XII Championship game the first week in December.

Lisa’s grandmother, Mema or Carolyn, and aunt and uncle (Susan and Marc) came into town to visit on Sunday afternoon.  We took the opportunity to get the house fairly clean.  And Sunday was even better weather than Saturday.  Worked in the yard a bit and the company arrived around 2.  We shared pictures, showed off the house and listened to the baby’s heartbeat on the Doppler.

Yes, Lisa’s rented a little handheld doppler so she can listen to the baby’s
heartbeat (or anyone’s for that matter Father-in-law, Mike gave it a try)  It’s pretty neat to hear that quick heartbeat.
And it’s good to raise Lisa’s spirits anytime it’s necessary.

So later we were off to show of brother Michael’s new house, which has been well-decorated, by the way.  Next off to Dad and Linda’s house for not so immediate family to finally meet.  And lastly, just across the street to Eve’s house for dinner.  We got to meet Eve’s daughter and family for the first time.  The three boys were very well behaived.  We had a chance to discuss child-rearing philosphies.

This morning (monday) Lisa had what I guess is her 16-week doctor’s visit.  All is fine, reported nothing special (as she can listen to teh heartbeat whenever.)  I suppose Lisa acted all excited as she told me she hadn’t told the doctor she rented the Doppler.  I don’t know why, but she thinks she might get “in trouble.”  Mike, Marc and Michael were off playing golf at Barton Creek today, which I think might have been worth witnessing.  Maybe Marc plays, but the others…well who am I to talk these days.  I’m working.

Lastly, the Cardinals played great on Saturday night to everyone’s amazement.  I have faith in them.  They lost game two (this is the World Series) last night so they are all tied up at one game a piece to St. Louis for game three on Tuesday.  It’s a very good feeling I’ve got because they haven’t rolled over and died as most have excted them to do (and did back in 2004 to the Red Sox).