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July 2010

August 30, 2010 2:19 pm

I think we crammed as much into July as humanly possible.  The most exciting part of the month was we finally were able to pour our foundation!

2010_07_26_9999_171 (Large).JPG
2010_07_26_9999_142 (Large).JPG
2010_07_26_9999_136 (Large).JPG
2010_07_26_9999_118 (Large).JPG
2010_07_26_9999_73 (Large).JPG
2010_07_26_9999_8 (Large).JPG

Eric and the kids had a blast watching. Miles got a little dirty playing in the mud…as you can tell.  It went off without a hitch and onto framing they went just days later.  The kids are having a blast playing out at the house site. Miles is always willing to hold Lyla’s hand and help her around.

2010_07_13_9882 (Large).JPG

Lyla enjoyed using the strings for leveling the foundation as a necklace.  Yes, I know, choking hazard, but I was watching her.

2010_07_13_9858 (Large).JPG

Then my grandparents came to visit to celebrate my grandmother’s and Ray’s belated birthdays.  

2010_07_17_9999 (Large).JPG
2010_07_16_9964 (Large).JPG

As usual the kids stole the show.

Pool fun, Big Boy Bed & Dallas Trip

June 27, 2010 3:55 pm

We celebrated father’s day with my dad and headed out to Dripping Springs for a fun day at their neighborhood pool. 

2010_06_19_9189 (Large).JPG

Miles learned a valuable lesson that day: It’s a good idea to listen to your mommy when she says not to jump off the edge of the pool without someone standing there to catch him.  Luckily my dad made it over to him within a few seconds.  Needless to say, he listened to me when I told him to wait for me to jump after that little episode. 

2010_06_19_9218 (Large).JPG
2010_06_19_9194 (Large).JPG
2010_06_19_9169 (Large).JPG

After about 30 minutes in the pool, Lyla decided she LOVED it and was kicking and squealing the entire time. I’m looking forward to getting them in swimming lessons when they are a little older.

Nothing helps make a small duplex more bearable than getting out of it and going to visit family!  My cousin, Cameron, (aka Aunt Camei) was kind enough to let me and the kids descend on her house in Dallas for a week.  We visited both sets of grandparents.  It was a lot of fun watching Miles play with my grandmother. 

2010_06_22_9325 (Large).JPG
2010_06_21_9304 (Large).JPG

Sometimes he was a little too rough with her and tried to rough-house with her just like he does with me.  We also visited Mema and went swimming at the pool at her condo.  Uncle Marc and Camei had a blast playing with the kids.

2010_06_22_9359 (Large).JPG
2010_06_22_9356 (Large).JPG

Miles had no fear when it came to jumping off the edge of the pool into Camei or Marc’s arms.  My grandmother, Mema, wasn’t feeling too well that day but by the end of our visit she was feeling much better. 

A few days before our Dallas trip Eric converted Miles’ bed into a full-size bed. 

2010_06_18_9142 (Large).JPG
2010_06_18_9125 (Large).JPG

Sadly the footboard is in the very back of our storeroom so eric had to rig the footboard with a few 2×4’s.  It always helps to have a handy husband 😉

Not much to report on the house. Just more dirt work.  Hopefully by the end of next week we’ll have a date for the foundation pouring!

Only a few weeks to go…

May 16, 2010 8:41 pm

The last few weeks have been insane. Between selling our house, finding a new place to live, and getting things lined out to start construction on our new home, we haven’t had much free time to do much of anything other than eat and sleep. I’ve managed to take a few shots of the kids. Miles has developed a love of dressing up.

2010_05_05_8824 (Large).JPG
2010_05_05_8820 (Large).JPG

I definitely have some good blackmail shots for when he is older 🙂 

Lyla started walking about 4 weeks ago.  She’s already close to running.  She says a new word almost every day. Lately some new ones are “peas” (please), Thank you, ball, puppy, and strawberry. Her favorite is still “no”.  She loves to say “no” to every question even when it’s obvious she means “YES!!!”.

2010_05_01_8802 (Large).JPG
2010_04_18_8478 (Large).JPG

My Aunt and Uncle brought my grandmother to Austin for mother’s day. It was wonderful getting to spend time with her.

2010_05_08_8844 (Large).JPG

Considering she was given 3-6 months to live over 7 months ago she is doing remarkably well.  She never ceases to amaze me. 

Right now we are playing the waiting game. Hopefully we will close on our construction loan next week and can get started building our new house!  I promise to post pictures.

March Update

March 31, 2010 2:09 pm

It’s been crazy around here lately…and that may be an understatement.  March started off slow. I went to Dallas for a week to visit family. The kids and I went to the zoo with Cameron and visited all of the great grandparents. 

Riding the train with aunt Camei
More Dallas Zoo
Chillin' at the zoo

It was fun watching Miles and Lyla play on my grandmother’s adjustable bed and shag rug, just like my brother and I used to do when we were that age. 

Gama was letting Lyla play with her purse
Visiting Gama and Bapa
Playing on gama's rug
Playing on Gama's bed

They also got to take a bubble bath in Gama’s tub.

Miles helping Lyla bathe

Poor Lyla had a fever the entire time we were in Dallas, and then broke out in a rash the day after we got home. Classic roseola.

So glad to be home and see daddy

Then once we got home things kicked into overdrive with the land and house building.  We’ve been working on getting our house fixed up to put on the market. Our well is finally done being drilled and the plans for the new house are finished.  By next week we should have everything to the bank for financing! 

Our well pumping water!
More house location shots
Where the house will be

Uncle Michael and “Stina” went to Japan for Stina’s 30th bday. They brought back some cool presents. 

Lyla liked the sword more than Miles did!
I will slice your neck off

Miles is really into dinosaurs now. 

Showing off his dinosaur

He is full-on talking now.   Lyla is almost ready to take her first steps without holding onto something.  She has spoken a few words here and there “kitty” “no, no, no” “flower” “travis”.  She has also taken a liking to necklaces and purses. 

Loving her new purse!
Showing off her necklace

I thought she was going to be a girly, girl but funny thing is, she doesn’t seem to enjoy wearing dresses.  Must take after her mommy.

Nana made sure to remind us to take pictures in the bluebonnets. 

Mommy and Lyla
Nana and the kiddos

That’s all for now.  I’ll update when we know more on the house.

Thanksgiving and Early December

December 14, 2009 10:58 pm

Time to backtrack a little to bring everyone up to date.  We celebrated 2 thanksgivings this year. Our first one was with Eric’s side of the family on Thanksgiving day. Here’s Eric carving the turkey.  

Eric carving the turkey

 And then Miles trying very hard to stay awake.

He was so tired on thanksgiving day

At least we had the opportunity to get a good shot of me and Eric.

Thanksgiving pose

 Lyla wasn’t too thrilled about the turkey but she had a lot of fun playing with the boys’ robot.

Lyla having fun with the robot

 We managed to get a decent shot of the whole family!

Dreher Thanksgiving

 Then on Friday, Eric and I stuck with tradition and cooked another full Thanksgiving meal and had my mom, brother and his girlfriend over.  Eric fried our first turkey and it was delicious!

Our first fried turkey

I even set the table all pretty-like 😉

My thanksgiving table

 Miles had fun eating off daddy’s plate

Miles and Eric rockin' the extenda-fork

 And Lyla was just happy.

Lyla liked her first thanksgiving...kind of... (ok...she barely ate the turkey)

That brings us to our first attempt at Miles and Lyla sitting on Santa’s lap at the same time. It was a complete and utter failure. Miles fell and hit his head while trying to run from Santa. Lyla screamed. So we got a picture of Lyla crying on Santa’s lap. I didn’t buy it.  But I did manage to get a few cute shots of them in their new Christmas outfits afterwards.

Playing with her bell
Post mall Santa (disaster)

  Onto December we go… Lyla celebrated her 10 month bday.  She is pulling herself to standing easily now and has cut her 3rd tooth. 

2009_12_08_4819 (Large).JPG

 She’s been a bit fussy lately but I think that has everything to do with the teething.  She’s been a great subject for me to practice my photography skills on. 

More practicing
I'm practicing my photography

Miles moves so much that it’s hard to get a good shot of him.  Speaking of Miles, he has been so sweet with Lyla and is starting to talk to her, try and feed her and even share his toys!  Miles has been talking up a storm lately. Here he is looking at the “spinny”

Miles likes watching the "spinny"

. He also loves reading books. One of his favorite books has a “ha-pa-tus” in it (octupus).  For some reason he has named one of the fish in the book a “ho-ho”. We aren’t quite sure where that came from.

Miles reached another milestone. He used the potty for #2 for the first time a few days ago.  He is very motivated to get those M & M’s!

We decorated the house for Christmas. Eric got an amazing shot of our tree using the new camera.

2009 Christmas Tree

 Amazingly enough, both children are doing great not messing with the tree. Lyla actually listens when you tell her “no”.  Here they are again after our second trip to see Santa at Barton Creek Country Club. It was only successful because both kids sat in mine and eric’s lap.  

Barton Creek
playing on the stairs at barton creek