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Fun with the Keevers

November 24, 2010 7:40 am

Life finally calmed down enough that we were able to spend a weekend with the Keevers.  Miles (and mommy and daddy) couldn’t have had a better time.  First we hit Nasa and got to see a helicopter and a coastguard boat.   

Playing on the Coastguard boat
Kaylee and Miles

Nasa has the coolest playscape ever with the fastest slide I’ve ever had the pleasure of riding.

The coolest slide and playscape EVER

The kids got to “fly” spaceships and the adults got to play in a few too.

Flying a space shuttle

The rides on the Kemah Boardwalk were a huge hit for Miles and Kaylee.  Miles got to ride a dragon which is now his new favorite thing since Darin introduced him to the movie “How to Train your Dragon”.

How to ride your dragon

Miles and Kaylee were able to ride some “big kid” rides all by themselves.  Miles was having so much fun he was laughing hysterically.  

Captain Kaylee and co-pilot Miles
Making sure not to lose his ticket
Miles was laughing hysterically.  His first real ride (other than a carousel)
Waiting patiently to ride rides

I know I’m looking forward to going back!


7:10 am

This year we had 3 full days of celebrating.  First we went to the MOMs Club Halloween party.  

Moms Club Party (and a sick miles as we learned later)
Hanging at the MOMs club Halloween Party
All dressed up and ready to go!
October 2010

Lyla wanted to be a dinosaur just like her brother.

The next evening, we visited the Smithville Rec Center and played on their games.  It wasn’t quite what we were expecting but Miles had a blast playing with Pop.

Smithville Halloween party
Pop helped Miles get a lot of candy

On Halloween night we drove into Austin and went trick or treating with my dad and Eve.   Miles was a trick or treating pro.  Lyla was fine getting candy but she wasn’t too keen on talking to strangers and even got scared at a few exhibits.  Miles did a good job encouraging his sister to walk up to houses telling her “it’s just pretend” or “it’s fun!”

Trick or Treating
Getting ready to trick or treat
Paw-paw and Evie

Ft. Worth Visit

October 13, 2010 2:14 pm

Eric’s sister and husband gave us a much needed vacation at their house in Ft. Worth last weekend.  Travis even got to come along too. Miles was in awe of his cousin, David.  We enjoyed the first half of a TCU football game until the kids were too tired to push forward.  

Lyla enjoyed the game!
Mike, David and Blake at game
Falling asleep at TCU game
Heidi and Lisa
Rough-housing with Eric in front yard

Miles had fun playing football with the big kids in their front yard.  He seemed to think it was a good idea to run around with a baseball helmet covering his eyes.  David thought it was hilarious.

Playing/running with the football

We also were able to have a quick visit with my grandparents.  Lyla enjoyed playing with Gama’s costume jewelry and Miles had fun decorating daddy.

All dressed up!
Checking out Gama's necklaces
Decorating daddy with gama's jewelry

Now we are (im)patiently awaiting Halloween.  Both kids can barely contain themselves. Lyla has already declared she wants to be a dinosaur like her big brother.  Miles had fun testing out an old lion costume I found in the garage.

Testing out a tiger outfit
Lyla decides to be a "dinosaur"

September 2010

2:00 pm

The highlight for September was a visit from Cameron and Emily.  We enjoyed a day in Austin shopping for Halloween costumes, riding the Zilker train, and lunch at Shady Grove.  It was very nice having an extra set of hands with the kids running opposite directions on the playground:).   

2010_09_27_9999_48 (Large).JPG
2010_09_27_9999_33 (Large).JPG
2010_09_27_9999_22 (Large).JPG
2010_09_27_9999_18 (Large).JPG

Miles has a newfound love of making funny faces.  The kid show, Yo Gabba Gabba, seems to have a lot to do with it.  

2010_09_18_9999_2 (Large).JPG
2010_09_05_9999_33 (Large).JPG

Lyla is still 100% girl. She has mastered the art of giving kisses and loves playing with her baby doll and wearing jewelry.

2010_09_25_9999_6 (Large).JPG
2010_09_05_9999_43 (Large).JPG

August 2010

August 30, 2010 2:29 pm

August was a month of high-highs and low-lows.  An insane amount of progress was made on the house.  

We are framed!
8/24 Starting to look like a house
back of house

The kids have been adjusting well to life at the duplex.  They seem to understand that this is temporary and that we will be living at the land soon.  Lyla at 18 months is able to communicate 80% of the time using words to tell us what she wants.  I think having a big brother around to teach her and mimic is helping. She is also already potty training.  I’m not pushing it too much but if she wants to use the big potty, I’ll let her.  

He wouldn't smile for the camera but he'd show me his car.
Playing with my sunglasses

Miles is such a big kid now.  I really enjoy getting to play with him and especially love that he can communicate!  We’ve made a lot of new friends in the Bastrop area and don’t go into Austin nearly as much as I thought we would.  I do miss a few things about Austin (good restaurants, Costco, and Target) but other than that I absolutely LOVE Bastrop and I think the kids do as well.

Sadly on August 15th my wonderful grandmother lost her battle with lung cancer.  

A visit to Paris texas with mema in 6/2009
May 2009 Kisses
May 2009 more visits and great grandbaby cuddles.

She was able to live independently until the last 4 weeks of her life which was such a blessing.  I’m so glad that I was able to be with her when she passed.  While it was an experience I’d rather not have to relive I’m so proud of what an amazing family I have.  Most of us were able to be with her when she passed which was something that was very important to her.  I love you and miss you every day, Mema. 

At the burial...trying to figure out if we should smile.
The cousins gather to honor mema.