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Miles Update

January 26, 2009 10:14 pm

We are amazed daily at what comes out of his mouth. Today he asked me “Is that mine?” while pointing to some potty training underwear (that we aren’t using yet). In one day he said 3 new words – two of which were cake and gun. All of a sudden I’m realizing that I can understand more and more of the babble that is coming out of his mouth. “Up” and “down” are now in constant use. “Mine” is a favorite. Here’s a shot of Miles trying to grab the camera out of my hand and one of him sitting in his new chair that daddy built him.

1.23-1.25.09 009
1.17-1.20.09 042

As for me – still pregnant. I’m not that uncomfortable…yet…but I am sick of being pregnant. It’s hard being stuck at home. Chasing Miles or dealing with temper tantrums in public places is not something I can do anymore until I can unload the weight on my belly.

Also, here’s a link to our photographer’s blog. If you scroll down a few pictures you can get a sneak peak of some photos she just took last Saturday. For a $35 sitting fee I am amazed at the quality – especially of the one of Miles.

When mommy is away…

January 14, 2009 6:08 pm

the boys will play! I woke up from a nap to find Eric, Miles and Travis playing in Miles’ tent last weekend. I think Eric was having more fun in the tent than Miles!

1.7-1.11.09 026
1.7-1.11.09 023

One of Miles’ favorite things to do is play in the shop/ garage with daddy. Here’s Miles cleaning out the saw dust cabinet under the table saw (don’t worry – the saw is unplugged when not in use).

1.7-1.11.09 033

I made the mistake of putting Miles in the new baby’s crib. Now all he wants to do is sit in it. This should be interesting once there is another baby in there too.

1.7-1.11.09 004

Also, Eric has been hard at work building a new cabinet to protect our electronics from little fingers that like to push buttons. He did a great job!